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  • Jodi Walker, MA, CCC-SLP

Nature120 Field Notes: April 2021

What a grand time we have had in our Club! We have welcomed new explorers, stretched our tree climbing skills and developed some incredible cooperative play. We deepen our connections to each other weekly!

Some housekeeping:

  1. Please consider the purchase of some rain pants for your explorer so that they can comfortably play outside in the warmer rain. Contact us if you need assistance with the purchase! Also remember that climbing is the favorite activity of all as you think about shoe choices. No crocks or sandals as the weather gets warmer.

  2. Summer offerings are here!

Health/Wellness: We have been working on nasal breathing and external breath holding practices to help us remember to breathe through the nose. We enjoyed exercising our lungs with games of tag. We are developing our gross motor skills exponentially through tree climbing!

Mindfulness: Silences have been tricky for some of our newer friends, but over the end of March/beginning of April we have seen tolerance for mindful practices improve. Listening for birds, counting breaths, engaging our senses: there is plenty to do as we allow ourselves to be fully present in the forest!

Play: We have seen an unbelievable increase in cooperative play, driven by the children and their emerging relationships. From spontaneous games of team tag to planning and building a city of lean-tos, our explorers are learning to share ideas and include others in their play. We are knitting together into an unstoppable play force - we even survived and thrived in our first rain day! Splashing in puddles can take you very far! We also enjoyed building fairy houses, using wood, leaves, grass, etc. found on the ground to build furniture for the fairies.

Social Emotional: We are working on inclusion at a deep level at the moment. Some of us are fast movers, thinkers and talkers. Others move and speak at a slower pace. We are learning how to be patient, wait and include all Explorers and are reaping the benefits in increased empathy, amazing new ideas and lots and lots of laughs. When we stop to listen and notice those around us, we all have more fun!

Curiosity Corner: (extension activities)

  1. We continue to find and wonder about the mushrooms growing on the trees.

  2. What birds live in Thatcher woods?

  3. Do fairies live in the forest?

  4. What makes the clouds change shape?


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