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  • Jodi Walker, MA, CCC-SLP

Nature120 Field Notes: Week of 14 September 2020

Kids play all different ways!

Social/Emotional: We began to knit ourselves into an inclusive group with room for all kinds of play. We also began a conversation about hazards versus risks.

Health/Wellness: We started with posture. From our head to our toes, good posture is the foundation for good health. We practiced ear over shoulder over hip alignment in stillness and motion.

Mindfulness: We practiced using the senses to tune in to the present moment with periods of silence. Amazing what we could hear, see, smell, feel and even taste!

Play: Tree climbing and hurling mudcakes into the river were very popular this week. Some kids were ready to lead the play, and others were new at initiation.

Curiosity Corner: (Questions to explore @ home!)

1. What is a swamp? Is Thatcher Woods a swamp?

2. Why do mushrooms grow on dead trees?

3. What causes the trees to have lines on the bark of the trunk that look like mazes?

4. Why are some spider webs flat?

5. Why can’t we swim in the Des Plaines River?

6. How do we know which trees are safe to climb?

7. Why don’t the bees along the path sting us?


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