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  • Jodi Walker, MA, CCC-SLP

Nature120 Field Notes: Week of 21 September 2020

Ask for help? Sometimes it’s hard!

Social Emotional: We started a conversation about asking for and receiving help. We discovered that it takes trust to accept help from others. We also talked about feelings and how they move through us and pass. Finally we noticed some human made markings on the underpass off the trail. We wondered what was the difference between art and graffiti and why it was illegal to paint there. We began thinking about laws and posed the question: who benefits from the law that calls those markings graffiti?

Health/Wellness: We began working on breathing by simply noticing our inhale and exhale and beginning to control the length and the pauses between and after rounds of breath.

Mindfulness: Once again, we used periods of silence to tune in to nature: this time, we watched the water to see if we could spot any wildlife. One Explorer asked, “Can we do this all day?”

Play: Explorers came with ideas this week! We made up a hanging game with a branch that resulted in one explorer plopping down onto her bottom! We then experimented with limb strength and used the old Girl Scout adage: pull three times on a branch to make sure it is strong enough to hold while climbing. We did a fair bit of digging and used some water from the river (with gloves) to make pies. The Explorers are interested in making fairy houses and mud pies next week.

Curiosity Corner: (Questions to explore @ home!)

1. Are frogs safe to touch? How about mushrooms?

2. What are the names of the mushrooms we find in Thatcher?

3. What is the difference between a deciduous and coniferous forest?

4. What is the difference between a spider web and a cobweb?

5. Is the Desplaines River water safe to touch? Walk through with boots?

6. Where does water come from?

7. What was the first tree ever?

8. Where are the oldest trees in the world?

9. What makes moss grow on trees?


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